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Home plans with two car garages provide more space than a home with one garage. Home plans with two garages are suitable for you when you have more than one vehicle at home. If you are having trouble before as to where to park the extra car then worry no more because with two car garages, you have enough space to accommodate all of your unused cars or vehicles.

If you have two car garages at the present time and you drive only one car then don’t think that the extra garage is useless because should you decide to buy another car in the future, you will not be stress as to where to place the brand new car since you have extra garage that you can use.

home plans with two garages

Home plans with two garages offer you many benefits. You can use the garage  in several functions. Aside from its common usage which is a parking space for cars and other motor vehicles, you can definitely use it as a storage room, work room and a guest room.

If you have personal belongings that are obsolete and unused for a long time then you have the option to keep it at the garage. Since you stored personal belongings in one place, which is in the garage, then in case if you want to use them at some other time, you can easily locate and find them because they are stuck in one location. That is the advantage of having extra garage.

You can also use garage as a work room so if you love doing carpentry during free time, all you need to do is go to the garage and start working on the project that you want to execute. Always remember that a garage as a work room is not limited to carpentry stuff only. You can also do office project there with more privacy.

As well, you can use garage as a guest room if it is unoccupied. That is one way of maximizing the function of the garage. If you have friends that want to stay over night at your place then there is no need for you to worry as to where you should let them stay because you can transform the extra garage into a guest room.

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